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Dutch artist Pitou’s musical awakening came from an unlikely source. At a very young age, Pitou (both her first, and stage name) started to develop an unexplainable interest in classical music. Her father would often find her crouched down by the radio, scrolling through stations, in search of the sound of orchestras and choirs. From the age of 9, Pitou sang in a children’s choir, performing at the baptism of Catharina-Amalia, the Princess of the Netherlands, and in renowned orchestra halls throughout Europe.

From these musical experiences came the desire to create her own musical worlds. Songs and admirers quickly ensued. Pitou came into the public eye in 2016 with her eponymous EP 'Pitou'.

In 2018 she released her second EP 'I Fall Asleep So Fast''. Her debut record 'Big Tear' was released on March 24, 2023. In september 2023 she released her Big Tour Live EP -  consisting of live-recordings taken from her EU tour earlier that year.

She played renowned venues such as Paradiso, L'Olympia, Ancienne Belgique, Het Concertgebouw, and festivals such as Pukkelpop, Rock Werchter, Best Kept Secret and Into The Great Wide Open. Her music has been broadcasted by BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 (UK), FiP radio (FR) Radio 1, Klara (BE), 3FM and Radio 2 (NL).

Booking agent: Philippe van Elk