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Melanie De Biasio

There are few voices that enchant. Melanie de biasio’s warm, Dark, and sultry voice blends the rhythmic incantatory feeling of Nina simone with shades of sade and even echoes of the velvet Underground. Such vocal elegance and buoyant narratives are expressions of struggle, redemption and grace!

In concert, de biasio has the stage instincts of a sublime performer whose singing attains unsuspected dimensions. She dares everything, slow tempos, groove, bold arrangements. Much of the music is mesmerizing, almost trance‐like and spellbinding, filled with promise or dark with destiny. Low in volume and high in seductive impact, it's when the tempo crawls and forms are distended that she generates her most powerfully absorbing atmospheres. Her singing simply transcends all boundaries.

Booking agent: Teddy Hillaert