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J. Bernardt

Treading new musical ground, Deprez who co-fronts Belgian rock band Balthazar, has emerged from his home studio with an altogether different sound, a cornucopia of evocative synth beats drawn from a range of influences; be it his father's love of Kraftwerk or the pop sensibilities of his own musical discoveries, Calm Down is the first fruit of that journey.

Shorn of band vaguaries, J.Bernardt is there to stand on its own merits, existing in an altogether different locale, and seductive grooves enveloped in warm soulful vocals permeate throughout. Written and recorded at home in Ghent, multi-instrumentalist Deprez has seen the entire project evolve from experimenting with a synth, armed with a DIY aesthetic to a collection of tracks that provided the basis for J.Bernardt's debut album 'Running Days".

Booking agent: Teddy Hillaert