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Black Box Revelation

What in Gods name was Black Box Revelation going to come up with after releasing 4 amazing albums, supporting Meat Puppets, Beady Eye, Jane’s Addiction, Iggy Pop & Seasick Steve, playing exciting tours through the US and Europe, recording in L.A. with producer & Queens of The Stone Age guitarist Alain Johannes, their music turning up in TV series such as Sons of Anarchy and True Blood, not to mention a guest appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman?

Tattooed Smiles is the album that Jan Paternoster & Dries Van Dijk could only have written at this point and place. A powerful and emotional record, embracing the raw beauty of their cradle Brussels, and brutal esthetics of a lost generation looking for ways to survive in their homestead. This cultural richness shows itself in the album’s collaborations with the infamous Belgian Hip Hop artist Roméo Elvis. Black Box Revelation hasn’t lost touch with their original sound, and the old school American blues rock atmosphere still lingers around on the title track of the album and through the haunting vocals of Seasick Steve himself on “Built to Last”.

There’s more of Jan’s own personality in this record than in any of their previous releases. The tattoo designs on the covers resemble those that are scattered around his own body and he was confident enough to get behind the wheel as the producer for the first time. Dries Van Dijck has once again proven himself the ruthless engine to their machine.

This fall, Black Box Revelation is taking their new record on a roadtrip through France with Triggerfinger in their rear view mirror. Previous albums have already brought them to French clubs & festivals like Le Bataclan, Zénith de Lille, Rock & Seine, Le Trianon, l’Aeronef and many more. On the 7th of December they’re playing an official release concert in Point Ephémère, Paris!

Booking agent: Teddy Hillaert