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Some people found music but music found WAYI. 

Growing up in church, the Antwerp-based songstress spent most of her childhood with gospel and soul as her faithful companion. With Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys as soulful influences, WAYI gathered the courage to introduce the world to her self written songs. 

What started as innocent diary stories slowly turned into a bouquet of lyrics about the most complex yet purest feeling: Love. In 2019, she releases her first EP called Love in progress. 

Cumulating more that 1,2 million streams across platforms, the project even made its way to BBC Radio1 Xtra’s EP Top 5. Praised by the one and only Elton John for her effortless elegance and sensual voice, the artist continues to water her flowers with a second EP ‘Decisions’. 

She features in respected media outlets such as Refinery29, ELLE France, DJ Booth, High Snobiety, Redbull Elektropedia etc..

Besides spending her time in the studio, WAYI gets invited to open for legendary Raphael Saadiq and takes the stage with her own little band at AB club performing in front of her own fans. 

Keep an eye on WAYI and watch this flower fully bloom! 

Booking agent: Arno de Waard