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The Subs

The Subs is a genre fluid electronic gang of 3 bringing crazy live shows the club scene. With these elements Belgian triumvirate One Track Brain, Ogenn and Tonic took the scene by storm.

With unforgettable live shows, electrifying synths and a deranged frontman The Subs have been charging the clubs and the charts for the past decade with their unique blend of absurd trancepunk blitz. Universal anthems, eclectic sounds and a tongue in cheek mindset; club music with big stage ambitions, but always honest and with a deep love for their craft and analogue gear.

‘The Subs is like nature. It just grows. And grows on you. Unbox every genre and still have a sound. Connection. Transcendental. Be present and welcome all things’ - The Subs

You need to have experienced The Subs live at least once before you die.

Booking agent: Seppe Maesen