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2018. SONS knocks on the door, smashes the gate, sets up its instruments, plays and wreaks havoc. Good to go. We’re here and we’re staying. And the win Belgium’s biggest alternative radio station’s talentcontest ‘De Nieuwe Lichting’

‍2019. ‘Family Dinner’ is released. A debut album full of sledgehammer songs and fast- paced guitars. The world is at their feet. The budding band SONS is making a name for itself nationally and internationally as it leaves a trail of ‘what the hell was that?’ behind. Explosive energy rips the air apart. They are burning hearts into the souls of their fans.

‍2021. The gentlemen from Melsele (North of Flanders, near Antwerp) have already clocked up quite a few kilometres. The boyish swagger of yesteryear is gradually giving way to a rather more contemplative approach. With ‘Sweet Boy’, the band is releasing an – in its own words - ‘coming of age’ record. A balancing act of a band that threw itself headfirst into the rock ‘n roll mayhem and now have to rhyme getting older and getting settled with their wild hope & dreams of the ragged rockstar life.

Booking agent: Robin Tulkens