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Reinel Bakole

Meet Reinel Bakole, a true artistic polymath at the age of 25, regarded as the rising star of the avant-garde Belgian soul scene. Her talent spans singing, songwriting, dance, and performance, forming a mesmerizing multidisciplinary musical universe that pushes creative boundaries.

After a successful two-year touring journey, gracing renowned stages like MIL Lisbon, Printemps de Bourges, Botanique, Horst, Bozar, Dour Festival and more recently Couleur Café in Brussels, Reinel Bakole is in the midst of preparing her debut album,set to release in
2024. The album promises to be a tribute to rhythm, a return to lyrical and dreamy origins, a gentle echo reflecting her melancholic and committed side. Her latest single "Silver armour” teases with style and intention, heralding the arrival of her album that is poised to be powerful, explosive and liberating.

Booking agent: Seppe Maesen