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Born in Belgium on August 12 1997, OLIVIA grew up in a very musical family where both parents played in a band. As a teenager she watched TV shows like The Voice, X Factor and Idols and she dreamed about being on a show like that so she decided to participate in The Voice herself at the age of 17. She went straight to the live shows by performing blank space by Taylor Swift where she stood out with her pure voice. Even though she didn't make it to the finals she started working on her own career as an artist and with success. After singing Belgium’s biggest hit ‘Kom Wat Dichterbij’ in collaboration, she's now ready to show the world her own work. ‘Can't break a broken heart’ is the first song of a new chapter in OLIVIA's musical career. OLIVIA's music makes you feel encouraged to follow your dreams create your own path and believe in your own strength.

Booking agent: Arno de Waard