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Noémie Wolfs

On March 26, 2015, a surprising announcement sent shockwaves through the Belgian music scene. Noémie Wolfs declared her departure from Hooverphonic, the band she had fronted as the lead singer for over five years. She described it as the end of an incredible chapter in her life and expressed her desire to forge her own musical path, which she did by releasing her critically acclaimed debut album “Hunt You” a year later.

In February 2020, the long-anticipated second solo album by Noémie arrived, titled "Lonely Boy's Paradise," brimming with melancholic hues. Taking her time to craft and record this album, Noémie delivered a collection of songs that resonated even more
deeply with her. At the production helm was Yello Staelens (also known as Yong Yello).
With "Lonely Boy's Paradise," her confidence grew, allowing her to embrace risk and unconventional ideas. However, the international lockdown soon threw a spanner in the works, as the society shut down a day after her celebrated sold-out release show at the
Ancienne Belgique. Rather than sit by, she therefore retreated to her home studio to work on new music.

Making music from the heart has always been in the DNA of Belgian singer Noémie Wolfs and yet this time it is a tad different as she’s gearing up to release her third album, "Wild At Heart," in November. This time around, she joined forces again with her partner in crime, Simon Casier (of Balthazar and Zimmerman), to write and produce the album in their home studio. Despite being in the business for years, the upcoming project also immediately presented a challenge for her because this time she was involved both as a writer, but more importantly as a producer, giving the album an even more personal touch. Everything was done from an emotion or a vision, you notice and hear the love for enchanting arrangements immediately.

The ten tracks on “Wild At Heart" promise a distinct sound, enriched with meticulous attention to detail. The melodies are interwoven with dreamy, melancholic strings and an array of synths, revealing a new facet of Noémie's musical evolution. The new sound of Noémie evolved from a hip-hop-oriented use of samples on her second album “Lonely Boys Paradise” to a more electronic approach, where danceable beats with analog synths join forces with big orchestrated strings to capture the different facets of a love story.

“Strings are actually very hopeful or often form a warm blanket for many people, but can also be very frightening, oppressive, dark, and sad. It might even be my favourite instrument, which is why I definitely wanted to use them on this album. Sometimes you
can even hear 42 violins at the same time, with which we wanted to capture the grandeur of Hollywood,” she says about including strings.

The upcoming album is not a sonic continuation of her previous albums, but a deliberate exploration of what has always inspired her. “Wild At Heart” tells the story of two lovers who cannot live with each other, but also cannot live without each other. The dramaturgy of the album also reflects itself musically, which is immediately evident with
the first single "Lonely Heart". In almost eight minutes, you feel the matchless passion in her music and her voice remains the narrative thread that makes you forget time and space around you for a moment. Noémie Wolfs' new music is therefore the perfect way
to take a break from the daily grind and digs deep into all forms of romance.

“Wild At Heart” is Noémie Wolfs’ reintroduction and her most personal project so far.
For dreamers, lovers, and travelers.

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