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Milo Meskens

2021. Le nouveau Milo Meskens est arrivé. Between Meskens’s debut single ‘Here With Me’ (2016) and the advanced track ‘Fool’ of the long-awaited second album lies a 5-year gap. Too long? Not really, while it has given Milo both the time and the space to delve deep into his musicality and unfold and refine his many talents. Today, more than ever, Meskens presents himself as a thoroughbred musician with great ambition. And an admirable work ethic, on top of that: to prepare this new album Meskens built his own studio and composed 300 songs.  

When Meskens launched ‘Contrast’ in 2018 both press and audience closed his intricately woven pop songs into their hearts. The young lad enjoyed the success to the fullest in a near-epicurean way. Soon, the muse knocked at his door and Meskens invited her in. There was work to do. Day and night. The result? More life experience and more soul. Or even, a thicker skin.

Milo Meskens: “Yes, you could call this a coming-of age record. Everyday life certainly influenced the songs’ themes. There is more melancholy, more depth. The songs mirror who I want to be as a musician.”

Meskens has been playing the guitar for more than 20-years; on ‘Fool’ he confirms his virtuosity and craftsmanship. Both the guitar solo at the end and the gripping outro cut deeply, intensifying the song’s message with powerful hauls. ‘Stop playing games!’ It’s clear as day: the new Milo Meskens is richer, digs deeper and is more mature. Both in sound and approach. Bye bye to the good-boy pop. Meskens is much more than what the media would have you believe. He will not dodge deep emotions nor does he shy away from difficult themes; in ‘Daddy Issues’ he explores ‘trauma and upbringing’ or how ‘old sorrow and issues are inherited from one generation and passed onto the next.’

“As far as the recording process goes, I approached it from a different angle. It was my intention to work with musicians with whom I also had a click on a non-musical level. I found like-minded musicians in James Williams, Amos Lee and TheColorGrey’s drummer, who revealed himself as a genuine groove machine, lifting each song to a higher level. A great duo with Victor Defoort on bass, one of Roméo Elvis’ musicians. Their combined talents have bestowed the songs with more dynamism, more groove and a certain bluesiness. 

The artist as a young man has grown into an artist pur sang, ready to take on the world. Eyes closed and go! 

Booking agent: Robin Tulkens