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Mathilde Fernandez

Pop lyric producer and singer, coming from visual and living arts. After two EP «Hyperstition» and «Final Vegas» and three years of intense activity within the ascendant vierge duo, created with Paul Seul (Casual Gabberz), Mathilde comes along with a third EP, «Sensible», a new turn in her career.

Like the electronic and acoustic landscapes on which she slides, Mathilde explores more than ever the intimate and the personnal within a universe that projects pop in a captivating theatricality and unrestricted emotions, close to the ‘herself.
Mathilde Fernandez regularly joins other artists : Cécile di Giovanni or La Femme. She combines several medias in a controled and radical field of action: performance art, music, videos, theater, dance, exhibition, curating… a philosophy illustrated to perfection with her new EP «Sensible».

Booking agent: Seppe Maesen