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Caspar Auwerkerken

When Caspar Auwerkerken meets musician and producer Orson Wouters (Aili, Transistorcake), it quickly became clear that they were a match made in heaven. They dove into the studio and released the beautiful single Hyacinth in February 2022. 

His songs are eagerly played in 'Duyster' on Radio 1 and 'Vuurland' on StuBru. The music blogs Dansende Beren and Luminous Dash have already proclaimed him one of Belgium's most talked-about talents. Caspar's wonderful voice – sometimes leaning towards Thom Yorke, Tamino and The Bony King of Nowhere – is suffused with dreamy arrangements and minimalist soundscapes. 

In September 2022, Caspar receives the first Jan Mans Award by Muziekgieterij in Maastricht. Their new annual incentive award for young talent. He also becomes artist in residence at both Muziekgieterij and Het Depot in Leuven. He has already provided support acts for Strand of Oaks, Duke Garwood, Portland, Meskerem Mees and The Bony King of Nowhere.

Debut EP 'Abloom' will be released on 25 August 2023 (V2 Records). Caspar Auwerkerken's trademark: carefully constructed emotive melancholic songs that erupt in all subtlety towards the end.

Booking agent: Robin Tulkens